Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Norway Oil Fund rises above $1 Trillion

The value of the Government Pension Fund Global increased yesterday over 7813 billion NOK (1 trillion USD) positively influenced by rising stock prices.

Some facts:
  1. Invests in 77 countries
  2. Investsment in ca. 9000 companies
  3. Holds ca.  1.3% of listed companies worldwide
  4. Investment return from the start 1998 till 2nd quarter 2017 was 5.9%
  5. In 2016 212.5 billion NOK (ca. 27 billion USD) were transfered to the state budget.


A presentation on the responsible investment for year 2016 with interesting details about their investment philosophy, goals and principles can be found on the homepage:
Presentation "Responsible Investment 2016"

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